Mission Statement

We make this art to beautify spaces both private and public because we believe that art is fundamental to a healthy society. Astro Botanicals promote the message that the world can be a safe, beautiful and supportive place full of imagination, nature and magic.

Astro Botanicals are sculptures made of fabric, air and light. They exist to promote community and compassion.

Children deserve a sane and nurturing world. Art is an antidote to war. Big flowers make people happy.

Astro Botanicals engage the public and promote education and children’s justice. They are useful for affecting large groups of people to create a unified, harmonious feeling. They carry a message of magical strength and they normalize the presence of outrageous beauty.

Their shapes have inherent meaning, expressing the order of the cosmos and the divinity in Nature. They represent supernatural spirits of plants or benevolent extraterrestrial creatures from another star system bringing a message of harmony and peace.

These giant angelic plants are playful, engaging and elegant. The larger than life flower shapes give the viewer a transformed perspective that induces a symbiotic response. Similar to traditional stone ornament and devotional art, the sculptures represent a healthy relationship with nature and imagination.


Astro Botanicals can be used to decorate special events, day or night. They create orientation points, highlight boundaries and frame stages or gateways. The sculptures can be used similar to traditional ornamental stonework or shrubbery, occupying space for accent, centerpiece or frame. They are highly photogenic and people love to pose with them.


For the most interactivity, the sculptures can be set up as immersive garden playgrounds. This creates a super social environment for exploring and playing in a creative mindset. The harmonious geometric shapes give a sense of order and peace. They awaken the inner child, making people happy and playful. Children instantly comprehend the playful message from the art and help the adults to engage. Witnessing their joy is healing for everyone.

People have a profound shared experience under the Magnolia Starship. Lying on their backs with their heads together, gazing up into the shifting lights inside the flower, their eyes are saturated with colors and their minds become synchronized by the waves of light. I have seen many people indulging in this essentially pollinator perspective, entranced in a dreamy, flower state of mind, laughing and talking for hours.

Memory is a form of time travel.

When I was very young I had a profound experience at an illuminated art installation at a children’s museum. An artful frame in the wall at my height had a hole with an unseen mirror about a foot inside. When I put my face inside, colored lights shone from the sides and my reflection appeared with colors painting my face. It lasted only a moment but it affected me deeply and it has stayed with me my entire life. When I recall it, my mind returns to being the same mind that experienced that profound sensory and self awareness breakthrough.

By creating these sculptures and sharing them, I attempt to give people a distinct harmonious experience. I hope that when people remember it, that it can be a kind of time travel, back to their younger self, when the world was simpler and magic was real.

Artist Bio

I am a fabric artist and have been sewing for most of my life. In the summer of 1992, I had a fateful encounter with fabric while traveling in California for the first time. I found an unusual piece of vintage purple crushed velvet that soon became the first of many salamanders. That led to a winter habit of making stuffed animals as presents for nephews and nieces. Over the next 30 years this seasonal hobby of creative hibernation turned into a full time career.

I started making inflatable sculptures in 2010, when an artist friend showed me how to use a specific fan for inflatable art. Having made stuffed toys for years, I enlarged the tail of a Jungle Dragon toy for the first inflatable Singular Asparagus. After several years of experimentation, I’ve perfected a family of extra large sculptures that are Astro Botanicals.

My art is a transmission of the feelings of empowerment I received from stories of magic in my childhood. The motivating force for my work is the expression of the culture of hope and sanity as found in children’s literature. Many authors affected me, but none more than J.R.R. Tolkien. His world is a clear expression of parental love and guiding wisdom. His skillful storytelling is magic in itself, arising out of bedtime stories for his children, taking them on journeys through elven landscapes full of possibilities. The characters encounter obstacles and overcome them with innocence, grit, helpful friends and magical gifts. These are also the author’s gifts to the reader, the powers of imagination, wisdom and good will. The symbolic language of Tolkien expresses an orderly world of ideals reinforced by the supernatural. The strong themes of justice, perseverance and friendship are what I believe society to be all about.

Stan Clark