Astro Botanicals Sculptures
Terms & Conditions

Instructions and Safety Guidelines must be read and followed.

Waiver of Liability

Customer assumes all risks related to ownership or use of Merchandise. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Astro Botanicals harmless from any and all claims brought against Astro Botanicals related to ownership or use of Merchandise. Astro Botanicals are not sold for street use in any locality where regulations prohibit use.

Promotional Requirements

Astro Botanicals shall receive appropriate promotional recognition related to any event or display. No rebranding of the decorations is permitted. No promotion of the decorations as representing any business other than Astro Botanicals. No logos to be printed or projected onto the decorations that would in any way rebrand or rename them. All published photos shall attribute credit to “Astro Botanicals” or “”.

Product Warranty

This transaction does not include a warranty unless it has been purchased specifically with the sale.

Refunds and Exchanges

Full refund if returned unused, under 30 days. Refund percentage based on wear or damage. In case of severe damage, but not total loss, a deposit value of 10% can be repaid upon their return.

Fan and lights are replaceable with return under 30 days. Components are available for purchase individually.

Repair services are available. The sculptures are made of Ripstop nylon fabric and can be easily damaged if guidelines are not followed. They are very interactive but are not indestructible.