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Instructions & Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines

Attention: Adult supervision required at all times.

Warning: Grounded outlets only. Do not set up in wet or windy conditions. Sandbags are provided and must be used to anchor the shapes.

Caution: This sculpture attracts attention and is very interactive. Do not leave it unattended. It is strong but must be treated gently. Do not lean, climb or jump on it or it may pop. It is reasonably safe and durable but can be pulled down by a child. If the fan is blocked it will not re-inflate.

Hazard: This is an electric product. It is large and light weight and can be easily moved. It could cause injury by being pushed into people and knocking them down. The fabric is air tight and could cause suffocation.

Product Description

Astro Botanicals are large inflatable fabric sculptures with a continuously running fan and color changing lights.

Each inflatable sculpture is made of nylon Ripstop fabric that is fire retardant and UV resistant. The fan has a 20 foot power cord and the lights plug into the fan.

Set Up and Take Down

Set it up only in a controlled environment. It must be a large clean space, clear of anything that can be knocked over or that will scratch or stain the fabric. Do not allow anything to be vacuumed into the fan. If needed, use a ground cloth for set up and take down.

Remove the Astro Botanical inflatable sculpture from its carrying bag. Plug it in. Keep the fan from being blocked by fabric or the floor. It will inflate in about a minute. Lift it to its correct footing and install sandbags as necessary.

To deflate, unplug and open the zipper. Do not roll it up tightly. Fold the sculpture loosely and gently toward the open zipper. Close the zipper and return to its carrying bag. Do not crush it. Transport and storage in a large box is best.


The inflatable sculptures are free standing but are more stable with sandbags in the base. They require sandbags if they will be in contact with people.

To install the sandbags, first inflate the sculpture and orient it in its correct location. For the Angelic Asparagus, attach the sandbags to the buckles underneath the feet. For the Dragon Lotus, tip it over, open the bottom zipper and put the sandbags inside, distributed as evenly as possible. Be careful not to tangle or strain the light strip. For the Magnolia Starship place sandbags into three of the feet, opening the zippers one at a time. Double check that the sandbags are correctly situated. Do not lift or store the sculpture with the sandbags inside it.

Each inflatable sculpture comes with 3 empty sandbags, sand not included. Sand costs $5 for 50 pounds at hardware stores. Each sandbag has a heavy duty outer bag and a lightweight fabric tube which can hold 10 to 12 pounds of sand. Fill the tubes with only 15 inches of sand, one quarter of their 60″ length. Tie a knot in the end of the tube, leaving lots of room inside the tube for the sand to move around. Put the tube into the heavy duty bag and zip it.


The lights have 4 rainbow fade settings. Fast or slow and 2 colors or 7 colors visible at a time. There is a small button hidden inside the small black connector where the lights meet the power cord.


If the sculptures get wet for any reason they must be re-inflated in a dry environment for several hours until truly dry. If they are set up outside they may collect dew. If they are put away wet, they may mildew and become stained. The sculptures are washable but machine washing is not recommended. Spot clean with soap and water. The sculptures are designed to be touched, but they must be treated gently or they can rip or pop. Needle and thread may be used to repair any rips. Do not attempt to repair the sculpture with glue.