Instructions & Safety Guidelines

Product Description

Astro Botanicals are large inflatable fabric sculptures with a continuously running fan and color changing LED lights. Each sculpture is made of nylon Ripstop fabric that is fire retardant and UV resistant. The fan has a 20 foot grounded power cord.

Safety Guidelines

Attention: Adult supervision is required at all times.

Hazard: Inflatable sculptures can be moved by people or wind and can cause damage or injury. Proper care to anchor and monitor the sculptures is mandatory. They are made of fabric and are a potential suffocation hazard.

Warning: Grounded outlets only. Custom sandbags are provided and must be used. Do not set up in wet or windy conditions. 

Caution: These sculptures attract attention and are very interactive. Do not leave them unattended. They are strong but must be treated gently. Do not lean, climb or jump on them or they may pop. They are durable but can be pulled down by a child. If the fan is blocked or a zipper opened, they will deflate.

Care: The sculptures are like a tent but should be treated like a wedding dress and kept as clean as possible. If they get wet for any reason, they must be re-inflated in a dry place for several hours until truly dry. If they are put away wet, they may become mildewed and stained. Spot clean with soap and water. Do not use detergent or put in a washing machine. If it’s extremely dusty, washing with a garden hose and running it in the sun until dry is best.

General Set Up and Take Down

Set it up only in a controlled environment. It must be a large clean space, clear of anything that will scratch or stain the fabric. Do not allow dirt to be vacuumed into the fan. Follow the specific instructions and videos for best techniques for each type of sculpture. If needed, use a ground cloth for set up and take down. Secure the power cord with heavy duty tape or covers if necessary. Do not lift or store the sculpture with sandbags inside. The sculptures can be deflated in place and covered up temporarily if needed. When taking it down, be sure to collapse the sculpture and put it in the bag correctly to keep it clean and prepare for the next set up.

Sandbag Details

The sculptures are free standing but require custom sandbags to be attached to the base. Standard commercial sandbags can be used, by placing them on top of the Astro sandbags that buckle to the underside of the sculptures. Each inflatable sculpture comes with 1 to 5 empty sandbags. Each sandbag has a black heavy-duty outer bag and an inner white fabric tube which is designed to hold the ideal weight of 10 pounds of sand. Play sand costs about $5 for 50 pounds at hardware stores. Fill the tubes with only 15 inches of sand, to the line at one third of their 45″ length. Tie a relatively loose knot in the end of the tube, leaving room for the sand to move around. Do not tie it super tight, so it’s easy to untie when needed. Put the tube into the heavy-duty bag and zip it.


The lights have 11 settings. There is a small button on the connector where the lights meet the power cord. 10 rainbow fade settings with 2, 4 or 6 colors visible at a time: fast 1,2,3, medium 4,5,6 and slow 7,8,9. Plus #10 extra slow with 2 colors at a time. Plus #11 just white light.


If the sculptures get wet for any reason they must be re-inflated in a dry environment for several hours until truly dry. If they are put away wet they may become mildewed and stained. Spot clean with soap and water. No detergents. Do not machine wash. Do not machine dry. Fabric is UV resistant but will age after multiple weeks in direct sun.

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