Star Castle


The Star Castle is a seven-sided gazebo with a seven-foot high, clear ceiling. It is thirteen feet tall and thirteen feet wide with room for several adults to stand up. Gazing up reveals the magnificent floral architecture and hypnotic colorful lights.

Wind speed rating: 5 mph.

This sculpture stands on seven legs and is stable in a gentle breeze. Care must be taken that the fan does not become blocked. Sandbags go inside at least five of the zippered feet.

Astro Botanicals inflatable sculptures are made of high quality materials. The fabric is fire retardant, UV resistant Ripstop nylon. The small fan is 115v, 0.26A, with a 20 foot, grounded power cord. Each sculpture has durable, 0.3 Amp LED rope lights inside with multiple color settings. Each has a carrying bag and comes with five custom sandbags, sand not included.

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Additional information
Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 12 in

13 Feet

Shipping Volume

3 Cubic Feet