Rental Policies

Instructions and Safety Guidelines must be read and followed.


Minimum Requirements for Rental

Signed Rental Contract
Rental Payment

Electricity- 115VAC, 0.5 Amp to 1 Amp per sculpture

Rental Prices

Dragon Lotus $200/day
Magnolia Starship $300/day
Angelic Asparagus $400/day
Singular Asparagus $150/day
Cactus Blossom $300/day
Star Castle $600/day
Green Tower $200/day

Rates are based on a 24-hour period.
Extended rates are available.
Discounts available for qualifying non-profits.

Shipping & Handling

Approximately $25 to $100 per sculpture one-way in the US.
All return shipping must occur at earliest possible time.
All packages must have tracking and insurance.
All sculptures must be repacked for return in the same manner they were received.
FedEx is our shipping provider and will pick up packages at your convenience.

Local Services available in San Francisco Bay Area:

Delivery & Retrieval Fees

$50 Plus $0.75/mile

Installation Fees

Set up & Take down: $25/sculpture.

Expenses for supervisions of sculptures

Supervision services available upon request: $25 per hour. Supervisor training available.

Pickup & Return

Customer pick up and return is available at the Vallejo warehouse.
Late returns are subject to additional charges. Please call if unable to return on the contracted times.

Damage & Repair

The customer is responsible for the sculptures at time of receipt to time of return.
Damage charges:

  • Cleaning: $25
  • Minor rips and stains: $25
  • Replacing fabric panels: $50
  • Total fabric damage: 90% of sales price
  • Lights: $100 – $200
  • Fan: $75
  • In case of total loss full sales price will be charged.

Promotional Requirements

Astro Botanicals shall receive appropriate promotional recognition related to any event or display. No rebranding of the sculptures is permitted. No logos to be printed or projected onto the sculptures that would in any way rebrand or rename them. All published photos shall attribute credit to “Astro Botanicals” or “”.

Waiver of Liability

Customer assumes all risks arising from ownership or use of Merchandise. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Astro Botanicals harmless from any and all claims brought against Astro Botanicals arising from ownership or use of Merchandise. Astro Botanicals are not sold for street use in any locality where regulations prohibit use. Instructions and Safety Guidelines must be read and followed.