Singular Asparagus

The Singular Asparagus enhances any space whether alone, in pairs or groups. One stands like a person, a symmetrical angelic tree rising up, gesturing to the sky. A pair of angelic pillars become a gateway signifying an entrance to a special place. They can frame a stage or define the boundaries or corners of a space.

They are spectacularly photogenic decorations indoors and out. They transform any space into a magical forest with fully immersive psychological effects. The lights move upwards, guiding you to look up and elevating your state of mind. They are perfect as a beacon in front of a venue signifying a special event.

Singular Asparagus are three feet wide and 9, 10 or 11 feet tall. These tall, narrow sculptures will lean in a gentle breeze. A tab for tying a cord to a wall or a post is located 6 feet above the fan.

Astro Botanicals inflatable sculptures are made of high quality materials. The fabric is fire retardant and UV resistant Ripstop nylon. The fan is 115v, 0.26A, with a 20 foot, grounded power cord. The lights are durable, 0.3 Amp LED strands with multiple color settings. Included with purchase is a carrying bag and 1 custom sandbag, sand not included.

Wind speed rating: 5 mph, 15 if tied to a post.

Additional information
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in

11 Feet


3 Feet

Shipping Volume

1 Cubic Foot