Illuminate Your World

Astro Botanicals are elegant, inflatable space plants shaped like classical ornamental flowers. These extra‐large, color changing sculptures are highly visible day or night. They add a sophisticated, magical dimension that transforms any event. Six varieties of Astro Botanicals are currently available for rent or purchase. Dragon Lotus, Magnolia Starship, Angelic Asparagus, Singular Asparagus, Cactus Blossom & Star Castle

Dragon Lotus

This harmonious five sided flower bud is a powerful expression of the relationship of nature and mind. It is elegant and playful with natural symmetries and soothing, moving colors. The Dragon Lotus is a large sculpture of a tiny plant, changing the viewer’s relative size and giving you the symbiotic perspective of a pollinator.

Magnolia Starship

This sculpture is the most interactive and impactful of all the Astro Botanicals. The Magnolia Starship is a flower house with five legs and curly tops and a place underneath for sitting. It is friendly and welcoming and radiates peaceful symbiotic energy. Standing ten feet tall and eight feet wide with five small doorways, it is ideal for creating a special chill zone and a meditative play space.

Singular Asparagus

The Singular Asparagus are free standing plant shaped lamp posts. Their rainbow lights rise in a continuous motion, offering a constantly renewing display. Sprouting up like majestic cathedral pillars, like an elder plant spirit or a visitor from an angelic world.

Angelic Asparagus

This family of graceful plant shaped pillars with their outstretched arms welcome people to explore a fairy tale forest of glowing vegetable spires. Four trees are connected at the base: a central tree with three echoing, smaller trees spreading like glowing wings.

Cactus Blossom

The Cactus Blossom is a seven sided black and white pillar with uplifted tendrils. The wide black base gives it a visual gravity while the gently curving figure and graceful crown gestures to the sky. This sophisticated elder garden creature stands thirteen feet tall and four feet wide.

Star Castle

This giant flower house welcomes you to enter and explore its spacious interior. It is an angelic temple with seven pillars and seven doorways. This play house gazebo, inspired by flower geometry, has five foot high doorways and a seven foot high clear ceiling.

Green Tower

Beautiful green daytime colors of this elegant tower make it feel like a living plant. It is very easy to look at and resembles real healthy plants more than the other sculptures.