Astro Botanicals

Astro Botanicals are elegant, inflatable space plants shaped like classical ornamental flowers. These extra‐large, color changing sculptures are highly visible day or night. They add a sophisticated, magical dimension that transforms any event. They promote healthy consciousness with their spiral growth patterns. Six varieties of Astro Botanicals are currently available. Dragon Lotus, Magnolia Starship, Angelic Asparagus, Singular Asparagus, Cactus Blossom & Star Castle

Dragon Lotus


The Dragon Lotus is a perfect five sided flower bud with 30 points. This hypnotic, glowing lotus blossom is a playful architectural ornament. Its natural symmetries and soothing colors are very reassuring. It is the smallest of the inflatable flower sculptures and is eight feet tall and eight feet wide with a round base.

Magnolia Starship


The Magnolia Starship is a standing lotus flower with five legs and curly tops. Underneath is a sitting place to gaze up through a clear window at the beautiful geometries inside the color changing light. It is a meditative play house, a blooming kaleidoscope and a starfish spaceship. It radiates peace and safety and has a magical influence on its surroundings. It is ten feet tall and eight feet wide with five small doorways.

Angelic Asparagus


The Angelic Asparagus is a group of four trees that sprout up like cathedral pillars, spreading their glowing branches like living plants. They are dragon spire stalagmites in the fairy tale forest. They are perfect for orienting large spaces and framing gateways. The central tree is fifteen feet tall with three smaller trees connected to it. It is about eight feet wide at the base, spreading wider as it grows taller.

Singular Asparagus


The Singular Asparagus are freestanding pillars shaped like vegetable lamp posts. They create a single focal point or a gateway if arranged in pairs. They are orientation landmarks that have a presence like an elder plant spirit or a visitor from an angelic world. They are three feet wide and nine to eleven feet tall.

Cactus Blossom


The Cactus Blossom is a seven sided black and white pillar with uplifted tentacles. This is a large and dominant flower with a serious presence. It is visually anchored and grounded by its black network of branching circuits. This sophisticated elder garden creature is thirteen feet tall and four feet wide.

Star Castle


The Star Castle is a large play house with seven-sided architecture inspired by flower geometry. Giant proportions give people a sense of entering a flower like a pollinator. Seven pillars and seven doors create a playful temple space. It is highly visible and promotes social interaction.



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Astro Botanicals inflatable sculptures are perfect for many types of events and gatherings. They have natural spiral flower shapes that are highly visible and promote safety. They act as beacons or lamp posts that help people find their way in large spaces. They are elegant, complex and reassuring in their symmetry.

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