Illuminate Your Event

Astro Botanicals are elegant, inflatable space plants shaped like classical ornamental flowers. These extra‐large, color changing sculptures are highly visible day or night. They add a sophisticated, magical dimension that transforms any event. They promote healthy consciousness with their spiral growth patterns. Six varieties of Astro Botanicals are currently available for rent or purchase. Dragon Lotus, Magnolia Starship, Angelic Asparagus, Singular Asparagus, Cactus Blossom & Star Castle

Dragon Lotus

This harmonious five sided flower bud is a powerful expression of the relationship of nature and mind. It is elegant and playful with natural symmetries and soothing, moving colors. The Dragon Lotus is a large sculpture of a tiny plant, changing the viewer’s relative size and giving you the symbiotic perspective of a pollinator.

It is a beacon for attracting attention and helping people orient in large spaces. Just by looking at them, you internalize healthy mathematical growth patterns and rising spirals. It is a devotional sculpture for daydreaming and contemplation. It is like a tide pool sea urchin, anemone, or a celestial plant from a distant star.

The Dragon Lotus is the most wind resistant of all the Astro Botanicals. It is 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Three sandbags buckle to the underside of the sculpture. Additional sandbags are recommended at winds over 20 miles per hour. It can be hung upside down in spaces more than twenty feet high.

Magnolia Starship

This sculpture is the most interactive and impactful of all the Astro Botanicals. The Magnolia Starship is a flower house with five legs and curly tops and a place underneath for sitting. It is friendly and welcoming and radiates peaceful symbiotic energy. Standing ten feet tall and eight feet wide with five small doorways, it’s ideal for creating a special chill zone and a meditative play space.

Placing a small rug under the sculpture invites people to get comfortable and stay awhile. Often a child will bring their parent into the sculpture and tell them to look up into the window. People get cozy lounging underneath, gazing up into the geometric architecture inside the flower.

If you lie on your back and gaze up into the mandala shape, the sculpture has a special effect. As the colors cycle through the spectrum, your retinas become saturated and your visual cortex enters a kind of dream state. It is soothing, entertaining and transcendent. People love sharing this group mind of expanded consciousness, profound comfort and laughter.

The Magnolia Starship rewards curiosity and stimulates imagination. It becomes a location that children occupy like a fortress. It’s a lunar lander, a space invader, a celestial starfish spaceship poised on its tiptoes. It’s a magnifier like a telescope or a kaleidoscope, a little cathedral where you are like a bee in a flower. It gives you a pollinator perspective and because of its size it makes you feel relatively smaller.

Singular Asparagus

The Singular Asparagus are free standing plant shaped lamp posts. Their rainbow lights rise in a continuous motion, offering a constantly renewing display. Sprouting up like majestic cathedral pillars, like an elder plant spirit or a visitor from an angelic world. The lights move upwards, guiding you to look up and elevating your state of mind.

The Singular Asparagus enhances any space whether alone, in pairs or groups. One stands like a person, a symmetrical angelic tree rising up, gesturing to the sky. A pair of angelic pillars become a gateway signifying an entrance to a special place. They can frame a stage or define the boundaries or corners of a space.

They are spectacularly photogenic decorations indoors and out. They transform any space into a magical forest with fully immersive psychological effects. They can also be a beacon in front of a venue signifying a special event.

Angelic Asparagus

This family of graceful plant shaped pillars with their outstretched arms welcome people to explore a fairy tale forest of glowing vegetable spires. Four trees are connected at the base: a central tree with three echoing, smaller trees spreading like glowing wings.

This majestic family of spiral columns are perfect in large spaces as frames for stages, gateways or perimeters. Their imposing and uplifted branches with their upward orienting effects can occupy just the right amount of visual space in a large venue.

Cactus Blossom

The Cactus Blossom is a seven sided black and white pillar with uplifted tendrils. The round black base gives it gravity while the gently curving figure and graceful crown gestures to the sky. This large dominant flower has a serious and elegant presence that can be used as a beacon, gateway or a delightful resting spot in an enchanted setting. This sophisticated elder garden creature stands thirteen feet tall and four feet wide. The Cactus Blossom is graphically anchored by its black network of branching circuits which strengthen the contrast of the rainbow lights. 

These tall, narrow sculptures will lean in a gentle breeze. The sculpture can be tied to a wall or a pillar by tabs that are located 7 feet above the fan. Each has three sandbags that buckle to the underside of the base.

Star Castle

This giant flower house welcomes you to enter and explore its spacious interior. It is an angelic temple with seven pillars and seven doorways. This play house gazebo, inspired by flower geometry, has five foot high doorways and a seven foot high clear ceiling. Its symmetrical seven sided structure has a profound group mind effect. In the daytime it is like a cloud cathedral, providing shelter and shade. Gazing up reveals the magnificent floral architecture of the interior, giving people the perspective of a pollinator.

The lights rotate around the inside of the Star Castle, enveloping you in a continuously moving seven sided rainbow. There is room inside for several adults to stand up, or sit and have a gathering in a super harmonious space.

It’s highly visible and promotes social interaction. It is 13 Feet tall and 13 feet wide. This sculpture stands on seven legs and is stable in a gentle breeze. Sandbags go inside at least four of the zippered feet.